Downtown Disney Marketplace and Wonderland Ballroom

The Wonderland Ballroom is located at the center of historic Downtown Disney in Downtown Disney Area, in the Downtown Disney Marketplace. It is the most modern and beautiful club in Downtown Disney. It has an original architecture and interior design that reflects the Club’s history.

The interior design here is a combination of the Club’s old charm and modern flair, but still manages to maintain a very simple style and it even uses natural fabrics that seem to be made from crystals. Variety of exotic DJs spin the beat to keep things upbeat in the tropical 2-level club with an expansive outdoor patio. There are also a variety of entertaining acts nightly such as jugglers, fire displays, and musicians that will make your visit to the club unforgettable. The Wonderland Ballroom offers a free view of the Downtown Disney Marketplace where the shows are held, along with fantastic food choices and an extensive alcohol list. It has been designed to be a “work-at-home” hangout for anyone who lives in or around Downtown Disney.


With the large variety of attractions that draw people to the Downtown Disney District, the club has gained popularity and has become a favorite among local residents. WLS Radio host Billboards that line the walls of the club advertise for special events such as the “Waltz with Bob.” On the dance floor, dancers move their hips to hip-shaking Latin music, while relaxing quietly on couches and stools. According to Bob Mcgovern, who owns the club along with his wife, each Thursday, they host a fundraiser called “Take it Easy Friday,” which helps them pay for their growing living expenses and catering for events like the WLS Radio fundraising concert.

Wonderland Ballroom is set in the beautiful backdrop of the Canadian Rockies. It is the ultimate in luxurious accommodations. The beautifully decorated ballroom has been designed with a unique combination of modern and traditional interior design, classic western decor, and architectural ironwork. This spectacular setting makes Wonderland Ballroom the ultimate location for wedding receptions and corporate events.


For your special event, you have the option of renting this beautiful venue for corporate events, weddings, birthday parties, holiday parties, fundraisers, or any other special occasion. From our partners at mc Govern, you will enjoy one-of-a-kind luxury and comfort. If you are looking for a unique wedding venue for a bride who likes to play the flute, listen to live music, and enjoy elegant guest service; then the award-winning ballroom will be perfect for your special occasion. You will receive a full guest list that includes the latest international celebrity guest, the newest model for the season, as well as members of the cast and staff from the show; and even the latest in dining innovations from top culinary specialists. In addition, the beauty of the Ballroom is infused with modern design sophistication and comfort. When you arrive, you will be greeted by a warm welcome from your gracious reception team, and you can take advantage of the many complimentary treatments available throughout the ballroom.


If you are looking for a unique venue that offers elegant accommodations, stunning decor, lavish facilities, and outstanding cuisine, then the award winning ballroom is the ideal setting for your special event. Wonderland Ballroom will offer you everything that you need to make your special day an unforgettable one. With exceptional service and delicious cuisine, the world-class facility will make your special event a dream come true. Whether you are looking for a unique venue that offers intimate settings, or one that features cutting-edge technology, exquisite decor, and top-notch guest services, the wonderland ballroom will provide you with the perfect setting for your special day.

Wonderland Ballroom Offers Classic San Diego Nightlife


Wonderland Ballroom is a high-end dance club in San Diego’s Gaslamp District that offers a wide variety of exotic dancers and world-class entertainment. This club is located in old downtown Gaslamp District and has many unique features and architectural designs that make it stand out from the crowd. The exotic dancers exude exotic charm, elegance and sophistication with their unique costumes and skillful moves. In this article we will discuss about some of the wonderful interior ideass as applied to the interior of Wonderland Ballroom.


The interior design of Ballroom includes many unique elements, such as an over-sized dartboard, spiral staircase, spiral dance floor, leather booths, open fire pits, vintage furniture, retro floor lighting, giant wall decor, giant character posters, neon signs and giant banners. Variety of rotating DJs and beers spinning keeps things lively inside the rustic two level bar with an exposed brick patio. Each floor boasts a vintage mural featuring local San Diego talent. The interior layout of the club offers unique modern touches and elements such as an over-sized bar, wooden bar tops, open fire pits, neon signs and ceiling fans.


The interior design inspiration for Wonderland Ballroom was taken from some of the best suppliers of San Diego nightclubs. The club itself was designed by award-winning architect Scottrade in cooperation with nationally famous interior designer Frank Lloyd Wright. Scottrade and Wright decided to design a luxurious club, filled with state-of-the art amenities, elaborate guestrooms, VIP areas, restaurants and bars. Frank Lloyd Wright was also brought in to help in the design and coordination. According to Bob Mcgovern, General Manager of Wonderland Ballroom, “When Frank came to work with us, he immediately knew exactly what our vision was – to create a club that combined traditional high-class hospitality with state-of-the-art technology.”