Tile Fireplace Ideas

When you are considering a fireplace tile design, it’s important to decide which material is the best fit for the space. You can create a beautiful fireplace with marble or sandstone, or opt for Hand-painted tiles. You can find plenty of ideas for tile fireplaces in this article.

36 fireplace tile ideas

Updating the tile surrounding your fireplace can make a big impact in your room. You can use any type of tile you like, from large floor tiles to mosaic tiles and individual wall tiles. Ceramic tiles are great because they are easy to maintain and do not harbor germs. They are also inexpensive and durable. If you’re not up to the task, you can hire a professional to do the work. You can find plenty of contractors throughout the US on sites like Thumbtack. They can help you compare prices and read reviews.

Choosing tile that is heat-resistant is also a great option. Adding mosaic-style tile to your fireplace creates an eye-catching focal point. You can also choose tiles that have interesting patterns, such as ceramic relief tiles, which add color to an otherwise neutral room. Choosing tiles that extend up to the ceiling can also give you an eye-catching design. However, floor-to-ceiling tile designs are more expensive than regular tile options.

If you have a brick fireplace, you can make the change in style if you choose a tile with a similar look. Brick tiles can be difficult to replace, but tile with a similar appearance is the perfect option. For example, gray tile with a wooden border is a great option for a contemporary-style living room. The gray tile mimics the appearance of concrete and stone, without the added weight. You can even overlap the tiles to add depth to a white fireplace. You can even find tile designs that are peel and stick, which is an excellent option if you’re looking for a quick fix.

Hand-painted tiles

Hand-painted tiles are a fun way to add an artistic touch to your fireplace surround. They come in a variety of textures, colors, and patterns. They can be installed on any fireplace surround and provide a never-ending amount of style to your fireplace. Some homeowners choose to use bright colors for their tiles, but you can also use a neutral palette for the surrounding area.

If you want to make a bold impact, consider using hand-painted decorative tiles on the front of your fireplace. You can also use them on the hearth bench. Spanish Teruel 6″x6″ tiles can be placed symmetrically on the face of your fireplace, adding warmth and an inviting look. You can also use them as a border around the firebox or create an artistic medallion.

The appearance of a space can make or break a room. In this modern living room with high ceilings and mid-century modern furnishings, a gray tile-based fireplace surround is a great choice. This tile is made to mimic the look of concrete and stone without adding extra weight. The fireplace is also framed by a row of white tiles. You can find many designs of hand-painted tiles on the market today, including many that are available as peel-and-stick tiles.

Color contrast is essential when decorating a smaller space, such as a fireplace. Glossy tiles are particularly striking when paired with textured, tactile accents. The contrast of a stark color with a neutral color makes a room look more dynamic. Contrasting colors can also be effective when you want to create a stark contrast between your fireplace surround and the rest of the room.


Marble fireplace ideas are an excellent way to add class and a touch of elegance to your living room. This natural material is also extremely durable and heat-resistant. A marble fireplace is also very easy to clean. All it takes is a weekly wipe down with a damp cloth to keep it looking beautiful. Whether you are considering a traditional or contemporary fireplace, marble is a beautiful choice for both.

There are a number of designs to choose from, including classic or antique styles. You can even add a touch of retro design to your fireplace with a 90s motif. Black and white marbles can also work well in any decor, regardless of style. They can also be used to match modern furniture, as they are both clean and modern.

Choosing the right marble for your fireplace is an important step in determining the overall design of your home. A marble fireplace should be balanced, but not overwhelming. If the marble is too white, consider adding some gray veins to tone down its frosty bite. A fire burning in the hearth of a marble fireplace will create the ideal ambience.

You can also use accent pieces to highlight your fireplace’s unique texture. For example, you can use an antique vase or decorative object to echo the color contrast in your marble fireplace or to pay homage to the shapes of your mantel. Marble fireplaces often have a mantel that is not very high and can be either short or wide. You can also cover part of the wall with marble.


If you have a fireplace in your home, you can make it look more attractive by incorporating a sandstone tile surround. These tiles are highly heat resistant and tough. They also have a very earthy look, which is ideal for a fireplace. You can use large floor tiles, mosaics or individual wall tiles to cover the fireplace surround. They are low-cost and durable. You can even choose to add exposed bricks in order to create a focal point.

These fireplaces are a great way to add value to your home. Not only do they look great, but they also make great gathering spaces. Whether you want to create a cozy ambiance in your home, or simply add some extra curb appeal, a stone fireplace is an excellent option. You can find a wide range of different designs and colors to match your taste.

A stone fireplace incorporates natural stone, mortar, and other outdoor earthy elements into its design. It can be tiled with a complementary tile for a formal look, or a rustic, casual look. You can choose one-inch tiles for the fireplace surround, four-inch tiles for the flooring around the fireplace, or 12-inch tiles for the hearth and surrounding walls.

Stacking stone fireplaces are a stylish way to add a rustic touch to a modern home. They offer a stunning view of the fireplace, while keeping the space cozy. They are also very versatile, as they can be used to accent other rooms, such as the living room.

Glass mosaic tiles

Installing glass mosaic tiles on a fireplace may be a DIY project, and many tile manufacturers make these tiles with a paper or mesh backing for ease of installation. These tiles are also commonly used on backsplashes and in bathrooms, but they can be used in a variety of other places. However, you must take special care to ensure a proper installation, or they may crack if something heavy is dropped on them.

Glass mosaic tile can be made from translucent or opaque materials. Because glass mosaic tiles are translucent, they pick up the colors of other materials in the room, so you should choose a color that blends in with your decor. To avoid cracking, consider using silicone sealant in the joints. These tiles can withstand the heat from the fireplace.

When installing glass tiles on a fireplace, be sure to read the manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations. This way, you’ll make sure you’re using the right tile. It’s also a good idea to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines. A fireplace made of glass tiles needs to be properly secured and maintained.

Glass mosaic tiles can add a luxurious and warm atmosphere to any room. Gold tiles are a great choice if you’d like a posh vibe. They also go well with navy blue bookshelves. A modern look can also be achieved with gold glass tiles.


Whether you want a rustic fireplace or a sleek and modern one, there are many ways to enhance your interior design with concrete tiles. Choose from a wide variety of colours and styles to create the look you’re after. You can use plain tile for a traditional look or use pattern tiles to create a unique pattern. Whatever you choose, make sure it complements your design theme and architectural details. Avende Tile’s handmade tiles are an attractive choice for fireplace surrounds, as their rough surface lends a provincial feel to the space. They look great in a Spanish or Southwest-inspired interior design, too.

Choosing the right tile type is vital for maximizing the look of your fireplace. You’ll want to choose tiles that compliment the room’s style and the size of the firebox. You can add depth by using border patterns or contrasting colors to separate different parts of the fireplace. Also, make sure to choose a tile size that fits the fireplace’s size.

If you have a fireplace that is a little outdated, you may want to consider renovating it. If you want to update the look, you can add a subway tile facade, which pairs well with glass fireplace doors. Alternatively, you can tile the inside of the fireplace as well to make it more modern. Be sure to use fire-safe tiles for this project.