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Whether you love or hate The Shade Room, there’s no denying the fact that it’s become a popular online community. It’s a great place to find out what’s going on in the world of entertainment, and even more so, to meet other people who enjoy the show. And if you’re lucky enough to live near New York, you can even meet the cast in person!

Angelica Nwandu

Founded in 2014 by Angelica Nwandu, The Shade Room is one of the most popular news and entertainment outlets on Instagram. The Shade Room offers daily entertainment and breaking news, including celebrity gossip, political news, and feel-good posts. It has a following of over 25 million people.

The Shade Room is anchored on Black culture and speaks to issues that affect Black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) audiences. It also serves as a community news platform. The Shade Room’s website features blog posts, viral posts, and other content.

The Shade Room has grown into a powerhouse with over 22 million followers on Instagram. It also has a highly engaged website with about 20 employees. It has been dubbed “Instagram’s TMZ” and has a monthly audience of around four billion impressions. Its content includes blog posts, livestreams, and videos. The Shade Room also provides advertising packages for small businesses.

The Shade Room has been a trailblazer in the Black community, and its content transcends all aspects of celebrity news. Nwandu says she started posting celebrity gossip on Instagram, but didn’t have the resources to create a website. Fortunately, she found a way to bypass the website and create a brand that’s both popular and profitable.

TSR has generated nearly four billion impressions each month, and has a social media audience that’s close to BuzzFeed’s. In addition to Instagram, the Shade Room also covers Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The Shade Room focuses on news and celebrities that interest Black and other ethnic communities.

In August of last year, Samuel Goldwyn Films released the movie “Night Comes On,” starring Dominique Fishback and Angelica Nwandu. The film earned the NEXT Innovator Award at the Sundance Film Festival. It also earned an executive producer credit for Nwandu.


Founded in 2014, The Shade Room is an image-based celebrity news offering. Founded by Angie Nwandu, it focuses on entertainment news and features black culture. It is based on Instagram and has over 3.7 million followers.

The Shade Room also posts to Twitter and Facebook. It focuses on celebrities, and publishes reposts and screenshots of comments and news. It also offers original programming. It also publishes iPhone videos. It has an average of 56K likes on a single post.

The Shade Room’s Instagram account is one of the most popular on the social networking site. In October 2020, it claimed 21 million followers. But does the company really have the numbers to back up that claim?

It’s been a while since The Shade Room’s initial Twitter account was suspended, and Facebook briefly suspended it over a copyright claim. But the site has since rectified its situation.

While The Shade Room uses new social networks to increase its activity, it relies on its followers for content. As a result, it publishes content that is tailor-made for each individual. It is also comfortable with low production costs.

The Shade Room also publishes iPhone videos. The site has an average of 42 content posts per day. It also has an engaged community, with over 3.7 million followers. Despite its size, the site is still active and uses a different approach to content selection than most companies.

The Shade Room’s Instagram account has also run afoul of some platforms. A photo of celebrity star Natalie Nunn was posted to the site, accompanied by a claim that she was cheating on her husband. Despite this, the site did not respond to BuzzFeed News’ request for comment.


Besides its own Facebook page, The Shade Room also has a Twitter and Instagram account. The company uses these platforms to provide news and elicit reaction from its audience. Its biggest competitor is TMZ.

The Shade Room has been around for two years and a half and is the third most engaging platform on Instagram. This may be due to its smaller staff, but it also means the content is top-notch. Having an army of seven is no small feat, especially since the company publishes content at least a dozen times per day. The company also operates a spinoff called The Shade Room Teens, which features original content starring the company’s teen muse, Kylie. Despite its size, The Shade Room has managed to maintain its position as the most influential brand in the industry.

The company has also gotten into the clothing game, with the most expensive t-shirt in the company’s arsenal being made from a blend of leather and nylon. The company also has its own line of sunglasses, hoodies, and hats. Its biggest competitor has a social media presence of its own, with an Instagram account with more than six million followers.

The Shade Room has gotten a bad rap for its controversial editorial choices, but the company has managed to maintain a high profile. This year, The Shade Room acquired a teen centric site, The Shade Room Teens, whose tagline is “The most influential teens in the world.” The company also managed to break with the likes of Diddy’s ex-girlfriend Cassie. The company has a Twitter account as well, and has a thriving Instagram presence. With 25 million followers, The Shade Room is a powerhouse.


Founded in 2010, The Shade Room is a photo-centric social media company with an impressive array of social media platforms and content. Its flagship product is the “The Same Room” ™ brand, a popular faith-based talk show series. Its other brand, “The Shade Room Teens,” launched with 1.2 million followers, which is impressive in and of itself. Its website reportedly boasts 25 million unique visitors a month, while its Instagram app is a powerhouse with 21 million monthly impressions. The company has also garnered attention for a number of laudable achievements such as the best social media marketing campaign in the country, a number of noteworthy awards and accolades and is on the cusp of acquiring a television show from NBC.

Aside from the Shade Room’s Instagram and Facebook page, it also operates a number of video platforms, including its own YouTube channel, as well as its podcast arm. For the most part, the company has taken only a modest amount of venture funding, and is planning to invest its accumulated cash back into the business. The company recently announced a third season of its hit faith-based series, “The Same Room,” which is set to air on September 22. As far as the upcoming season is concerned, it will feature a special guest, Angelica Nwandu, a televised “moonlighter” and the executive pastor at The Potter’s House, Los Angeles. During the show’s premiere, Nwandu will talk about self-love and how she tamed the hairy beasts of her past. The company’s ad campaign also features a number of celebrity endorsers, including pop star Lady Gaga, rapper Kanye West, and actress/model Jennifer Lawrence.

New original shows coming later this year

Founder Angelica Nwandu is set to debut three original shows on The Shade Room later this year. The shows will be exclusive to Instagram and will focus on black culture. The Shade Room will also hire a team of journalists for investigative pieces on YouTube and on social media.

Nwandu founded The Shade Room in 2014 while she was unemployed. She has since built the company into one of the most popular media publishers on Instagram. The Shade Room boasts a 15MM+ following and generates about 5-6 billion impressions per month.

In addition to its Instagram feed, The Shade Room runs a daily Snapchat show with over 600,000 unique viewers. The show features 24 snaps covering trending topics. The Shade Room also produces a plus-size modeling competition called Thick House. It also has two other Facebook Watch series. The Shade Room has also announced its third season of the hit faith-based series “The Same Room,” which will air on September 22.

The Shade Room also has a weekly Snapchat show called “The Shade Room: Daily Dose” that features five celebrities. Its YouTube channel has garnered a few thousand views. This year, the company has invested 16.5% of its revenue outside of Instagram. It is hiring journalists from traditional media to cover bigger investigations on social media.

The Shade Room has also produced a cooking show called “Shady Brunch.” It has also created a plus-size modeling competition called “Thick House.” The Shade Room has been featured in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list. It is also one of the most popular entertainment news sources on the Internet.

The Shade Room’s Instagram account is one of the most popular among Black celebrities. The Shade Room posts viral content and focuses on entertainment news and topics that appeal to the Black community. The Shade Room’s Instagram feed is often called the Instagram equivalent of TMZ. Its staff includes writers in New York and Pittsburgh.

The Shade Room Ig Expands Beyond Instagram

The Shade Room is Instagram’s version of TMZ. It has 8.8 million followers and is set to launch three original shows later this year. It has also been included on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list. The company’s content focuses on news and celebrities that matter to the African-American community.

It has 8.8 million followers

The Shade Room is testing out longer video posts for its Instagram account. The company is targeting its majority Black audience, as well as those with BIPOC backgrounds. The brand has eight million followers on Instagram. It is also expanding its content beyond its IG account, such as a two-part interview with rapper 6ix9ine. The company’s YouTube videos, on the other hand, have only garnered a few thousand views. The Shade Room is following the path of other media brands, such as House of Highlights, which was acquired by Bleacher Report and expanded into livestreaming and long-form video content.

The Shade Room uses Instagram to post a range of content, including photos and videos of celebrities, news and politics. Its content has occasionally run into trouble with various platforms. Facebook briefly suspended its page over copyright claims, and its original Twitter account was suspended sometime in the last two years.

The Shade Room has grown beyond Instagram into new mediums, investing 16.5% of its revenue this year outside of the app. In addition to hiring journalists for investigative YouTube videos, the company has launched a daily Snapchat show that attracts 600,000 unique viewers each day. The company employs over twenty people, with each employee responsible for at least one of the social networks. This demonstrates that social media has become an essential part of The Shade Room’s growth strategy.

With over twenty-five million followers on Instagram, The Shade Room is one of the most influential media brands on the platform. While they are largely focused on black culture, The Shade Room also focuses on entertainment and celebrity gossip. The brand has a growing team of journalists and aims to hire more reporters.

It has three new original shows coming later this year

Social media platform The Shade Room is expanding its content beyond Instagram, and this includes longer videos. The Shade Room recently aired two-part interviews with rapper 6ix9ine, which have nearly 10 million views. Other videos by The Shade Room have fewer than 100 views. This move follows the trajectory of other social media brands, such as House of Highlights, which was bought by Bleacher Report in 2016 and has since expanded into longform video and livestreamed content.

The Shade Room is an Instagram-based media publisher focused on black culture, entertainment, and celebrity gossip. Founded five years ago, The Shade Room has attracted over 15.3 million followers and five to six billion impressions per month. The company plans to expand into original programming in the coming months.

The Shade Room is one of the largest entertainment news feeds on the Web. The company has a team of social media marketers and will continue to expand its presence on the social media platform. Its followers are comprised of people from all walks of life, from celebrities to everyday citizens.

Among the shows that The Shade Room is expanding this year is a series of celebrity interviews, which will be hosted in the form of live videos. The Shade Room’s social media content also has a growing community following. In addition to celebrity interviews, The Shade Room covers breaking news, political topics, and more. The network currently employs over 20 people and spans across all social media platforms.

In addition to the existing shows, The Shade Room is also planning to produce three new original shows. Angelica Nwandu, who was named one of Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list, will serve as executive producer for all three series. In addition, Nwandu wrote the award-winning film “Night Comes On” that premiered at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. It was also released in August by Samuel Goldwyn Films.

It is competing with TMZ

The Shade Room Ig is competing with a lot of media outlets. The 24-year-old entrepreneur from Nigeria is launching her entertainment website in her spare time. She was fired from her accounting job when she attended the Sundance Film Festival, but she won a grant to pursue her dream of being a filmmaker. After gaining enough experience, she decided to start her own entertainment website. Her goal was to create a site that would focus on celebrities and their lives. She would then publish her content on social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram.

The Shade Room’s content is based on community reporting and has recently expanded to include trending news and user interaction. Angie Gibson explains that while celebrities can be controversial, she and her team strive to maintain a tone of cordiality. She prohibits negative comments about weight, relationships, and family members. As such, she has successfully kept her hands clean. While commenters may be naughty on occasion, the overall tone of the posts is not as bad as those on TMZ.

TMZ has several social media accounts, including a website, and covers news in pop culture and world news. While TMZ is a major player in the field of breaking news, The Shade Room Ig is targeting an African-American audience. Besides breaking news on celebrities, The Shade Room has also broken stories on boxing stars Dretta Star and undefeated boxer Gervonta Davis.

What You Should Know About Instagram

Whether you’re a seasoned social media expert or you’ve just started posting on Instagram, you’ll know that there’s a lot to learn about the platform. In this article, you’ll learn more about the key metrics that you should keep an eye on and how to make the most of Instagram.

Nicki Minaj’s return to the scene

Having spent a lot of time in the shadows since giving birth to her son, Nicki Minaj is finally making a comeback. In addition to her new song and album “Super Freaky Girl”, Nicki also released a new project on Instagram Live. With her cameo in the video and a series of interviews with Joe Budden, Minaj has definitely made her mark.

The Shade Room has received a lot of criticism for their editorial choices and toxicity. However, their Twitter account has also received a lot of support from the masses. The Shade Room’s social media platform is larger than that of Anfernee’s, which is the most important thing to note.

Using their hashtag, Shade Room posted a video of Boosie Badazz in February. The caption read: #Boosie has a few things to say. It was a laudable move, but they should have gone the extra mile and posted a public statement in defense of Anfernee.

Considering that The Shade Room is a real community and has a larger social media platform, the company should have weighed in on a public statement. The company is also aware that their tweets have gotten their fair share of negative attention.

Although there are a lot of buzzworthy quotes, it’s difficult to name a single “must-try” or “simple” thing that they’ve done. But a series of tweets that Nicki Minaj sent out in the aftermath of “Super Freaky Girl” are worth a mention. She said her “great conversation” with the City Girls was “the best of the lot”. She also claimed that DJ Self tried to feed her negative gossip about Cardi B.

Despite all the negativity, Nicki Minaj is releasing her fourth studio album. It includes a song with Drake called “We Go Up”. In addition, Nicki also released a new mixtape called 2021. It features three new tracks. This is the first time the “Queen” rapper has released a new mixtape since she released “The Pinkprint” in 2009. The mixtape features Lil Wayne, Drake, and Joe Budden. It also comes with a re-release of a mixtape called “Beam Me Up Scotty” that was released in 2009. It’s definitely a win-win situation for the rap superstar.

Angelica Nwandu’s faith gave her strength

Founder of The Shade Room, Angelica Nwandu has spoken with Black Girls Nerds about her company. She shares the key moments in her journey to become a social media mogul.

Nwandu is the founder of The Shade Room, a celebrity news website. She has over twenty-million followers on Instagram. She has been a trailblazer in the Black community, covering all types of pop culture news. She is also a Sundance Fellow. She is currently directing the advocacy arm of Peace4Kids, which helps women who are impacted by domestic violence.

As a child, Angelica Nwandu entered the foster care system after a domestic violence tragedy left her motherless. When she was seven, her life was uprooted. She slept in her car during school breaks. She attended Loyola Marymount University. She later discovered her calling as a writer through Peace4Kids’ Poetry Team. She has also written the screenplay for Night Comes On. She received an invitation to the Sundance Screenwriters and Directors Lab.

Angelica Nwandu has been interviewed by Gibson Johns, Gibson Johns interviewed her about her company, The Shade Room. She has also been interviewed on ABC News, NBC News, and CNN. She has written a feature film script and is attached to a horror comedy film produced by Universal Pictures. Her screenplay is in the early stages of production.

In the series Behind Her Faith, Nwandu will appear alongside Aisha Hinds, Essence Atkins, Niecy Nash, and Codie Elaine Oliver. These women will discuss their life journeys, their careers, and their beliefs. The series will air on UMC in the spring. It will also be available on the Urban Movie Channel.

The Shade Room comments are a great example of what is at the heart of toxicity online. They are often laden with homophobia and body shaming. However, The Shade Room attempts to balance these negative posts with positive posts.

As with most social media sites, more effort needs to be made to address toxicity. Whether it’s through social media monitoring or the retraction of posts that are too harsh, more needs to be done.

Instagram is the biggest revenue driver

Amongst a bevy of competitors, The Shade Room has the throne of the top notch Instagram feeds. With a whopping 26 million followers, this micron of the Internet has carved out a little space in the hearts and minds of Instagram’s legions of followers. The Shade Room’s got a plethora of partnerships spanning Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to name a few.

It’s not surprising that the shade room opted to take a page from the likes of the likes of Facebook and Google to augment their already robust ad revenue strategy. With an estimated tally of around 16 percent of revenue outside of Instagram, The Shade Room is putting a lot of capital to good use. This includes a number of well thought out experiments in native posting and video content. The Shade Room is also testing out longer form videos in an effort to drive more eyeballs to their shop.

Having been around for over four years, The Shade Room’s got the benefit of hindsight. It’s been a while since the site was a household name, but that hasn’t stopped them from putting out the content. A new ad campaign is set to launch soon, and a whole new batch of high-paying gigs is on the way. Until then, The Shade Room will continue to build on their already impressive track record as a media brand. The biggest question remains: will the brand continue to be the envy of its peers?

A quick study of the Shade Room’s burgeoning staff revealed that the company is adamant about the fact that they are still very much in the early planning stages of their growth plans.

Snapchat is the second-most-watched platform

Whether you are an old pro at Snapchat or just starting out, there are several things you should know about the platform. Originally, it was designed as a way for people to send pictures that would disappear after a few seconds. However, the app has evolved since its launch in 2011. Since then, the app has added new features that allow users to share media with their friends, as well as add text and graphics to their pictures. In addition, users can now add Bitmojis and create their own stickers to personalize their photos.

The app’s “Snaps” feature allows users to send photos and videos to friends, as well as share them with their friends on the “Stories” feature. Users can also add emojis, stickers, and filters to their photos. In addition, they can edit colors and add graphic design to their photos in the editing mode. They can also use multiple filters at once.

Users can also use the “best friends” feature to see which of their friends have the highest number of followers. Originally, the feature was public, but was later removed by Snapchat. The best friends feature allowed users to view their top three friends, which prompted many users to interact with each other. However, when the feature was removed, high-profile users were concerned about privacy breaches.

Another feature is the option to use the front or back camera to take your photos. Users can also add Bitmojis and filters to their photos, as well as create their own stickers to personalize their photos. There are also filters that represent certain brands in your area. These filters allow you to add colors, graphics, and text to your pictures. There is also a feature that lets you choose the amount of time your snaps will last.

The “Stories” feature is also shaking up storytelling on the platform. Users can post photos and videos to their stories, which disappear after a few seconds. It is also possible to unblock blocked users. Lastly, users can also choose whether or not they want the photo to be flashed.