St Francis house Swimming Pool – A Luxurious home

The St Francis House is a truly remarkable historic abode dating back to the thirteenth century and is located in the City of London. In the sixteenth century, it was built as a monastery in the City of London and later became a residence for the Dominican Priests. The interior design ideas of this exquisite abode are as varied and astonishing today as they were in the medieval times and the great bakers and fruiterers of the city. If you are looking to decorate your home with beautiful interiors that have an old world charm, then you must consider the wonderful St Francis House swimming pool ideas.

Interior design ideas for this amazing abode are not only inspired by the life and work of St Francis but also by the architecture and design ideas of Thomas Jefferson, his home in Monticello and the home of his wife Martha at Vineyard Haven. If you are looking for a house that has an old world charm and romantic appeal, then you must definitely consider the home of St Francis. You can add a touch of classic European design to your home with the help of the many stucco walls and stucco ceiling tiles that are available in the market. You can also incorporate various other beautiful architectural features such as the lintels, cupolas, vaulted ceilings and various other wonderful decorative items. However, if you do not want to use the stucco in your interior design ideas, then you can simply use wooden or metallic moldings and various other materials like copper and brass in your designing and decorating ideas.


In addition to the interior design ideas mentioned above, you can also make use of different types of accessories, furniture, lighting and fixtures in your house for enhancing the beauty of its appearance. You can have the best designer furniture pieces and other great decorative items such as crystal chandeliers and various other lighting fixtures. You can also try installing some amazing swimming pools in your house. Thus, with the help of the wonderful St Francis house swimming pool, you will be able to stay cool in the summers and warm in the winters.