soho farmhouse

Hidden away in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside, Soho Farmhouse cabins are a members only resort and lodge with 40 cosy, luxurious log cabins set against an attractive five-acre plot of grassland. This luxurious property is located on the famous Soho Green Road in the delightful town of Soho – which is a short journey to central London. The architecture of this delightful property is based on traditional farmhouse designs and is designed to reflect its historic heritage as a farming community. This is a fantastic place to stay in and is complimented by many attractions such as the National Motorcycle Museum, the Old Vic and the Science Museum. With its beautiful location, peaceful setting, fine wines and superb food, it’s no surprise that this charming accommodation has become a top choice for holiday homess.

If you’re considering a break from the city life, Soho is a great place to stay in and with its many attractions and interesting architecture, you can make the most of your stay. One of the best things about staying in a farmhouse in the heart of the city is that you have the proximity to all the excitement that you could wish for, with a multitude of restaurants, shopping centres and art galleries within easy reach. If you are looking for modern design ideas for your home, this is one of the places where you should not look back. With contemporary design elements, you can create a lovely modern design for your abode.


The architecture of this delightful farmhouse is based on traditional farmhouse designs and is designed to reflect its historic heritage as a farming community. This is a wonderful accommodation that has been designed with modern living in mind and you can enjoy the charm and character of the property in a way that you cannot while staying in a conventional hotel. With beautiful stately rooms boasting their own private gardens, you can feel at home in this stylish residence and create your very own unique design. You can indulge in all the fine dining and shopping that London has to offer and take your pick from hundreds of different shops that are located within easy walking distance. With all this wonderful design idea ideas, you cannot but wonder why you haven’t come to SoHo Farmhouse sooner!

SoHo Farmhouse – A Relaxing and Beautiful retreat in London


Hidden away at the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside, Soho Farmhouse resort is a charming members’ club and private hotel with forty cosy, comfortable log cabins, a five-bedroom guest cottage and an eight-bedroom farmhouse set amongst 100 acre of beautiful countryside. Set in the beautiful county of Oxfordshire, the hotel is positioned on a fabulous rural main street and is only a short walk to the attractions of the area including St. Peter’s Church and the famous Soho Racecourse. The farmhouse offers a delightful experience of traditional rural life and has a wonderful decor, rich with the history of the Victorian era. With its warm welcoming atmosphere and wonderful, welcoming guest rooms, Soho Farmhouse truly offers something for everyone.


The decor of the soho farmhouse retreat combines traditional farmhouse furniture with original art, metal works and beadwork, giving it a unique feel. The modern-day rooms feature contemporary style, with neutral colours and clean lines, whilst the cosy, comfortable and inviting bedrooms are decorated with vintage pieces. There is even a wonderful, fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms, each featuring a contemporary style of sink and counter-top with the use of stainless steel fittings. The kitchen features a microwave and fridge, as well as two sinks, a dishwasher and bar; all of which means that your stay at Soho Farmhouse will be truly memorable!


As well as a wonderful design and setting, Soho Farmhouse also offers a relaxing, catamaran-style swimming pool, with sun beds and a deck that opens out into a fantastic garden. The pool is surrounded by beautiful garden scenery, creating a tranquil oasis within this busy city centre. The peaceful atmosphere is accentuated by a beautiful garden path that takes you along the length of the garden, winding around the perimeter of the property, passing by the many outbuildings and charming gardens that surround the Soho Farmhouse. This path, and others along the garden path, offer an ideal place to spend a lazy day in the sun, soaking up the rays, sipping a glass of lemonade, admiring the flowers or simply walking hand in hand with your significant other. You can enjoy your leisure time here without having to worry about noisy people, noisy TV sets, loud music or dogs being led around the garden, while you relax and look after the many animals that make up the Soho Farmhouse.