Redesigning Women: How Howard Stern Got a Song Licensed For a Country Music Song

When listening to the popular radio talk show shock jock Howard Stern, or watching his famous TV show Howard TV, you would have to ask yourself: “How dare they redesign women’s floor wear and floor covering? It’s not feminine! It’s not good for business!” The famous TV personality and radio personality Jay Leno made quite a splash with his comment that New York was becoming like Chicago, or L.A. “.

While the Highwives are clearly a coty of empowered female empowerment, I think it s also quite an experiment: to try and see if country radio can play an authentic country song composed by a small group of female songwriters. Just a few lucky stations have add the debut album Redesigning Women to rotation as soon as it was sent to rotation on October 14th because it was sent to them on disc. Not surprisingly, the sales of the debut album have been phenomenal. So, how did Howard Stern get such a hit song as Redesigning Women? According to the famous shock jock, he got the song (and others like it) from a friend who is a country music singer/songwriter.


I think it is quite amazing that country music and Howard Stern have become so closely identified, even though Howard Stern is just a talk show host. He has also been married three times, although it was said to be for 15 years. The interesting thing about this story is that it shows that even the things we do for fun, for recreation, for relaxation are now considered mainstream. Consider if you will all the talk about redesigning women, including a redesigning women’s magazine, as one way to keep America beautiful. It also shows that Howard Stern is not the only great entertainer using modern music in his shows to sell songs. Consider this in 2021.

For those who are not acquainted with Redesigning Women, it is a new song written by four young women – Lauren Alpert, Alexis Petri, Haley disturbance and Taylor Swift. The single artwork is the cover of the album named Beautiful Floor design which came out in February of this year. Its sound is described as “a blend of smooth vocals and rockabilly guitar riffs.” This is a good sign for the future of modern floor design and especially beautiful floor design ideas. While the Highwives are a relatively new group of empowered women, it also s a little bit of a challenge: how to see if country music will play on a mainstream country radio station playing a bona fide country song by a completely anonymous group of ladies singer-singer-artists.


So far, no luck. Only a few stations have played the album, though, because it was released on October 14th, only a week before the Memorial Day holiday. July has been a pretty slow month for rock music, despite the supergroup debut. But July is the month when many artists get their albums out there, and Redesigning Women just might enter the Rock Hall come January. It’s definitely possible that it will be one of the albums they are nominated for. So here’s hoping they do!


We have a great deal of hope for Redesigning Women and very high expectations for the July recording session. It’s been a while since the last great new rock tune has been debuting on our radio airwaves and this new group is going to give us something fresh and something to dance to for a change. If you live in the Newport Folk Festival area on July 3rd, look out for the first official rehearsal show of the year. This is bound to be a great showcase for these new girls, as well as a chance for us to learn about some bands we’ve never heard of before.