The Palazzo Chiericati Interior – Wonderful Interior Ideas

The palazzo chiericati interior is a masterpiece of Renaissance architecture. Its facade is a combination of Ionic and Doric orders, with the main floor reached via four monumental staircases oriented to the cardinal points. The façade features a large circular room with a cupola over it. The central floor is closed by a pediment and the sides are surrounded by elegant loggias.

The first thing you need to know about the interior of the Palazzo Chiericati is its history. The building was built on a base, with a central stairway, and was designed by Palladio. It was built in 1551, and was a massive structure. After building it, the family added a large porch and an elegant staircase. In the year 1557, the building was completed. Then, the building was abandoned. Its owner’s son Valerio Chiericati added a few decorative touches, but the palace remained a fragment for nearly a century. The palace was purchased by the Municipality of Vicenza in 1839, and opened as a Civic Museum on August 18, 1855.