Pablo Escobar House, One of the Most Famous houses in Colombia

Pablo Escobar was born in Colombia and lived there for the remainder of his life. Pablo the bombastic didn’t like the United States much, but he did have a home of his own, a five story ranch house that included a pool, tennis court, and other nice facilities. They called him a Robin Hood type figure, making things even better for the poor. Despite, Escobar’s questionable tactics, and his millions, at one time, they were still wondering, what happened to all that beautiful design of Pablo Escobar house? That was until a team of Colombian commandos rescued him from a cocaine lab, along the Medellin border.

Pablo the bombastic had no choice but to give up his property, or face arrest for tax evasion. It was his second home, after his first, and it became a favorite hideout, aside from being a favorite spot for the drug lord himself to shoot heroin. Once captured, Escobar hid inside the house, producing an enormous amount of legal papers, legal protection for his family, and a list of people who were willing to help him escape. After some negotiations, a large portion of the drug trafficking case was wiped out, and Escobar escaped, making good on his threat to blow up the American Embassy in Colombia.


So then, how could a man with such a beautiful design house fall into the wrong hands? Well, one way he may have chosen to escape would be by hiring a hit man to get rid of those officials trying to close down the operations of the drug trade. Another way may have been hiring hit men to get rid of people he felt owed him money. One way he may have gotten away with it, is if his five story house exploded while he was on the run, resulting in the death of everyone in his immediate vicinity. The question still remains, is it a real house, or just a fancy, fake building? Well, it looks real enough… and it is indeed a very beautiful design, as is its story.

Some people may wonder, what happened to the famous Pablo Escobar’s house? In the late eighties or early nineties, this house of Narcotics was strategically located in Guayaquil. This place is one of the most important stop for drug trafficking in the entire world. Recently, this location was destroyed by a powerful storm that brought down the entire house, along with other buildings including a hospital and a police station.


It has been almost thirty years since the tragic event that took place in this beautiful city. Pablo Escobar’s son Marci initiated a campaign in renewing the flag of Colombia at the spot where the famous home once stood. Furthermore, the government renovated the house and its surrounding areas, thus restoring it to its former beauty. There are now many beautiful homes that resemble the beautiful design of Hacienda Naturale. They have beautiful designs like geometric shapes and lines, as well as wood paneling and ceramic tiles. In addition to that, there are interior decorating ideas perfect for those who want to create their own perfect sanctuary in this beautiful place.


Interior decorating and art decoration in general is a big business in Colombia. It started almost fifty years ago, following the Peace Accords. The main reason why they need specialists in this field is because Colombian designers are very good in expressing their creative ideas through beautiful decorations. These beautiful design ideas can help you save money, time and effort when it comes to searching for a perfect interior design for your house. Moreover, it is a great way to express your creativity as well as your artistic side.

Why a Great Homeowner Could Consider Purchasing a Pablo Escobar House


Pablo Escobar lived a very remarkable life. Born in Colombia, he lived and died in New York City. Though Pablo Escobar primarily lived in Medellin as his wealth and influence grew, so too did his weapons and property. Perhaps his most famous home was Hacienda Niles in Puerto Triunfo, Columbia, which included an old Spanish colonial house, an old zoo, a golf course, an airport, and a horse ranch. In this beautiful design, every single corner of the property had a perfect view of the majestic mountains that surround the city. Pablo’s tastes for modern architecture undoubtedly influenced this beautiful design.


This beautiful design had its own admirers, not only in the United States, but around the world. It was the subject of an award-winning documentary, “Pablo’s House,” which was released in 1998. The documentary won eight Academy Awards and was made by Bill Pittman, Guy Ritchie, and George Clooney. Today, you can still find beautiful reproductions of the Hacienda Niles property for sale, which were featured in the film. This famous property is similar to many of the homes featured in the documentary, in that it features a large, gabled, rectangular building with a long, column-style door and exquisite intricate carvings on all sides.


When you consider the fact that this beautiful house was built by one of the notorious criminals of the century, it becomes obvious just how incredible and unique it is. And because Escobar lived such an interesting and dramatic lifestyle, there are many wonderful interior design ideas from which to choose. If you have the chance to visit Spain or if you are just looking for a beautiful home for yourself, this is one house that you simply should not pass up. It is truly a property worth viewing and having a beautiful design for!