optical glass house interior

The Optical Glass house is a Japanese building designed by Hiroshi Nakamura and NAP. The minimalist and contemporary style was conceived to create a serene and private home in a city. The building incorporates solid forms and large geometric elements, such as a massive wall of glass bricks. The glass bricks are suspended in a steel and concrete frame, which is reminiscent of a tree canopy.

The Optical Glass House in Hiroshima, Japan, is a stunning example of minimalist and contemporary interior architecture. The design uses simple materials and large geometric elements to create a private oasis within the concrete and steel frame. The colors and materials used throughout the interior are inspired by the surrounding city. The colors are warm brown wood and a soft gray concrete, while the green of the central courtyard provides the only accent color. There is a large garden on the first floor, and the living areas open onto this garden.