mmd carbon fiber interior trim

If you have the Non-Performance Package and want to add some extra style to your Mustang, you should consider the MMD Carbon Fiber Interior Trim Kit. This kit is a set of eight pieces that use real carbon fiber with a glossy finish. The entire interior of your car will be completely redone. You can expect to spend mid-to-high-dollars for this kit. The MMD kit can be installed within an hour.

If you’ve been eying the look of carbon fiber for your Mustang, then you’ve probably noticed the carbon fiber interior trim kits offered by MMD. These kits are an affordable way to give your car a new look, and you can install them in just one hour. However, you must keep in mind that MMD kits are not cheap. MMD uses 100% genuine carbon fiber weave and finish them with clear coats. These carbon fiber interior trim kits are made to fit your vehicle perfectly and come with 3M tape for easy installation.

How to Install MMD Carbon Fiber Interior Trim For a Beautiful flooring


For those interested in enhancing their Ford Mustang’s interior, one of the best options is an MMD carbon fiber interior trim kit. While these kits are more expensive than standard vinyl or plastic trims, they are extremely easy to install. MMD’s video below explains how to level the dash and door trim. It also shows how to install the eight-piece MMD carbon-fiber interior trimming kit. The kit is available for both EcoBoost V6 and GT Mustang models. Unlike other kits, these carbon-fiber trims come with 3M tape for peel-and-stick installation.