Chic Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Wall décor is a key element in a living room. Decorative patterned wallpaper pairs nicely with a painting or print, and statement-making prints also work well in eclectic spaces. The key is to choose a wall decor item that is interesting and grabs the attention of guests. A large, iridescent mirror can be a great way to add depth to a room, especially if you pair it with a wood fireplace. More traditional mirrors also add light and make a space seem bigger.

Decorate with woven wall hangings

Woven wall hangings are a great way to add texture and interest to your living room. You can purchase these pieces in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns. They are also affordable and can be a great way to personalize your living room.

Plants are another good option to decorate with. They not only add a touch of nature, but can be a conversation starter. Hanging planters are another great option. Alternatively, you can purchase high-quality faux plants for a more artificial look. Macrame wall hangings are also making a comeback. You can find a variety of designs and patterns online. Some wall hangings are even made by hand. You can even find Maasai beading, a type of wall hanging made with glass beads from the Czech Republic.

The walls of your living room should have some type of accent or focal point. Large objects that add interest and character can be mounted against the wall or placed on top of a console table. For an eclectic look, you can also choose a large statement-making print to accent a wall.

If you want to create a tropical theme, you can go for a green macrame wall hanging with colorful macrame leaves. These pieces can be used on their own or paired with fairy lights. They are also ideal for dorm rooms and small spaces. These wall hangings are available in several different sizes. The small one is 17 inches wide by 21 inches long, and is available in dark blue and muted sage green.
Create a gallery wall with polaroids
The best way to decorate with polaroids is to hang them on a gallery wall. These unframed black-and-white photos can be hung by metal clips. They lack the formality of traditional artwork but still look modern and chic. You can also feature drawings and sketches.

Polaroids make great art and are a low-cost way to create a gallery wall. They also lend a personalized touch to your space. Another easy way to add a personal touch to the gallery wall is to add personal items. A Polaroid printer is a great tool for getting these pictures onto your wall.

A gallery wall is an easy way to decorate a living room. You can display a variety of different kinds of art, like paintings, photographs, and word art. You can also incorporate larger pieces, like wood carvings or metal sculptures. The key is to create a balance between the pieces. Choose a neutral backdrop and use an assortment of mediums. You can also create an inspirational gallery wall using family photographs.

When displaying your photos, choose photos that are related to the same theme or event. This will help the photos fit together without creating glare and heat. You can also use washi tape to stick your photos to the wall. This tape is made from rice paper and won’t damage the walls. Also, you can use cork coasters to hold the pictures. You can find them at IKEA or similar retail stores.

Decorate with metallic frames

If you are looking for a simple and chic living room wall decor idea, you may want to decorate with metallic frames. This is a great way to dress up your walls and add some flare to your home’s style. This style is ideal for both modern and traditional homes.

You can mix and match different metals for a glitzy look. Cool metals include chrome, nickel, and pewter. On the other hand, warm metals include bronze, copper, and brass. When choosing metal accents, be sure to use them with similar colour and texture. If you like metal accents but do not want to use them as the primary decoration, you can also consider purchasing a sculpture made of it. These metal sculptures make an unusual entrance into your home.

Another great way to add a swanky feel to your living room wall decor is to hang a metal sculpture. These are dimensional and look great on the walls. You can purchase these sculptures in different shapes and sizes. These decorative pieces are also safe for kids and pets.

Mirrors are also great wall decor ideas. Mirrors can make a small space feel larger, and statement-making mirrors are perfect for a living room. Lighting is also an excellent way to make artwork stand out.

Use photo tiles for a photo spread

Using photo tiles to create an interesting photo spread on a wall is a great way to add a pop of color and interest to any living room. You can place the tiles in any pattern or design. For an extra-chic look, consider mounting your photo tiles on the front and back of a pinewood frame. The front mount will create an interesting 3D pop-up effect, and the back mount will create an extra dimension to the room.

The advantages of using photo tiles are that they are lightweight, and you can change them often without damaging the walls. This makes them an ideal option for renters, college students, and homeowners who like to change their home decor frequently. Photo tiles are stick-on picture tiles that are custom printed, making them a great option for changing wall decor. Here are a few photo tile ideas:

Besides adding color to a wall, photo tiles can also add a personal touch to a room. Choose pictures of important people, places, or events, and arrange them in a creative way. You can even use black and white photos to create an amazing effect.

Photo tiles are an easy way to update a photo spread and can be easily changed to match the season. You can find seasonal themed photo tiles, which can be hung together to create a gallery wall.

Use a bookcase as a storage solution

If you are looking for a stylish storage solution for your living room, consider using a bookcase as part of your design. The shelves can be decorated in several ways. For example, you can make the bookshelves into comfortable benches, which are ideal for creating a reading nook in your room. Place them in front of a window, or in a corner, and add pillows to create a cozy nook. If you want to store more books, you can also make them expandable. You can also make them out of individual wooden crates, and add additional shelves for even more storage.

To get started, measure the area where you wish to install the shelves. To get more accurate results, use a standard tape measure. You’ll need to take an accurate measurement of the height of the ceiling and the height of the shelf from the floor. You can also use a pegboard to help you determine the height of your shelves.

The bookshelves can be placed upside down to create a unique impression. Dark colors are best for displaying books in this way, as they contrast with the lighter pages and create an air of mystery. You can also choose to place smaller pieces of artwork near the front of the shelves to create depth. If you don’t like books, consider displaying decorative plates or vases behind the shelves.

Feature original objects as wall decor

Incorporating original objects as wall decor is an easy way to make a big statement in a small living room. Avoid limiting yourself to rectangular or square frames and choose pieces that can make a statement without taking up too much space. For example, Studio DB has created a stunning living room that features a stunning hanging collection of items.