interior fire attack helmet cam

The first thing to consider when purchasing a helmet cam is the type of video it will capture. Some helmet cameras do not capture the wide angle of the blaze, but the Wonvon helmet action dvr video cam does. The Wonvon firefighter’s camera is a full HD 1080p video recorder, which means it will be clear and crisp even in low-light situations. While these cameras are not perfect, they are more than adequate for firefighting use.

An interior fire attack helmet cam can help firefighters in the field capture footage of incidents. This video shows a San Bernardino County Fire Department crew battling a residential building fire on June 16. The video is available on YouTube, and it shows a lot of the dangers involved. In addition to being a great teaching tool, a helmet cam can help firefighters prevent future incidents and protect their safety. The fire department recommends the FIRE CAM 1080, which records in 1080p at 30 frames per second.