inflatable unicorn

The ever popular inflatable unicorn may be enjoying its time at the top of the inflatable toy sales charts. This colossal inflatable unicorn is perhaps the ultimate expression of a whimsical summer. Each year thousands of children drown in the back yard or water based swimming pool when they are too excited to escape and run for their lives. The ingenious design of the inflatable unicorn makes this a very dangerous and even tragic situation for children.

This year’s version of the inflatable unicorn features a huge head that stretches out like an enormous bird, with its magical horn jutting out dramatically. It will definitely attract children who want to jump into the deep end of the swimming pool this summer. Children will surely love the giant inflatable unicorn swimming pool floats which come in various sizes and designs. Each one of these beautiful pools is filled with a soft, squishy substance that makes the big inside almost feel like a floating castle.


Children will certainly be able to get a big laugh when they see Santa Claus’ nose poking through the side of the giant inflatable unicorn. When children are stuck inside for a few minutes they can expect Santa Claus’ calls of “Merry Christmas,” to startle them from their slumber. When they are finally rescued by a good friend, the kids can take home a special surprise. The inflatable pump is also a great tool for teaching children how to deflate a large inflatable toy like the giant inflatable unicorn. After all, what kid doesn’t like a bouncing little red devil that squirts water?

If you are looking for modern house swimming pool ideas, you should consider inflatable unicorn. The uniqueness of this inflatable party game will surely entertain the kids and the adults alike. This unique inflatable game is one of the hottest in kid’s party games today. Its popularity has transcended across genders. With its cute appearance, it is able to attain attention of both young and old.


Most of the pool floats are made from vinyl. Vinyl material comes in various colors, sizes, shapes, and designs. Aside from being used as a floating surface, vinyl material is also used as home decors, table top accessories, inflatable chairs, and many more. When it comes to vinyl, there are tons of ideas available for your home.


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