house of hair

The house of Hair by Dee Snider, aka Twisted Sister is a nationally syndicated talk radio program, aired week after week on various channels in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Germany. Dee Snider, aka Twisted Sister, is the original host of the program. She is a master of ceremonies when it comes to hair and beauty and she has designed her own, unique and inspirational style that she calls, “The Beauty Code”. With millions of subscribers, she is able to promote and endorse many different products and services, both on and off air. This article will provide insight to some of her famous designs.

The House of Hair by Dee Snider is centered around the concept of hair care and the hair industry. Throughout the show, Snidely comments on hair trends and new product releases. The show highlights new ideas in hair care, highlights celebrity hairstyles and products, and gives women everywhere hope by telling them that they don’t have to wear wigs and makeup anymore. She even has her own line of hair care products, called “The Best in Beauty”, that you can purchase on-air or at a store. Other ideas that come up throughout the season are ideas that involve the use of natural ingredients and products.


For example, during one episode, she encourages women to make their own t-shirt that has pictures of themselves and famous hair icons printed on it. Women around the world can then wear these shirts to the grocery store or anywhere else they feel like showing off their glamorous hair. Some ideas of creative decor for the House of Hair include: transforming your head into a puddle of polka dot, using a pomade hair mask, turning your pillow into a beautiful tousled look, and sewing a giant head bang into the back of your hair. If you can imagine what you can do with hair, you can certainly come up with some creative ideas for your own house of Hair.

The House of Hair by Dee Snider has become a nationwide hit, broadcasting weekly on various satellite channels in the US, Canada, Mexico, Germany and Austria. Dee Snider, Twisted Sister lead singer, serves as the program’s host. This television program portrays every woman’s dream – to have her own hair cut, styled and do up her hair the way she wants to look like when she goes out into public. The program not only gives you beautiful design ideas for your house of hair but also allows you to show-off your unique style to your friends and family members.


If you are planning to do up your hair this week but do not have a lot of time to attend a professional hair salon, you might want to consider the following three Top Design themes. If you are thinking of doing up your hair with an “old Hollywood” touch, try the classic pin hair style, which is in fact a more contemporary take on the classic blowout style. You can try the Hollywood style with a modern spin by selecting a new modern hair color, adding a bit of color to your hair to create waves or curls and ending with a super short pixie style that is sure to get you noticed.


The House of Hair by Dee Snider offers you three Top design themes that are sure to make your home look fabulous. Whether you are going for the classic pin hair style, the Hollywood look, or the contemporary blowout style; you can easily accomplish it with the right hair care products and styling tips from House of Hair by Dee Snider. The program allows you to watch as others get decorated and give you helpful advice. You can even upload your own pictures for others to view and use to decorate their home.