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From many reviews of readers, Home Emporium continues to be a favorite store for buying beautiful flooring, handbags, furniture, and accessories. From high-end editors’ honest reviews to the opinions of many shoppers, this shop is worth checking out. There are many floor design ideas at Home Emporium, including: Antique Designs, Antique Pottery, Craftsman Handcrafted Objects, Early American Handmade Designs, Country and Rustic, eclectic, Elegant, European, Glass Cubes, handmade household, Japanese, Modern, Native, Renaissance, Restoration, Traditional, Victorian, Venetian, Wall and Shower Decor, and more. The following flooring products are highlighted for sale at Home Emporium:

Antique designss-This store sells antiques ranging from antique desks and chairs to an assortment of china hutch and collectibles. Some interesting antiques include: The Breakfast Club, The Crystal Display Room, The Continental Room, Hanging Gardens of Liberty, Ladies of Liberty, The Laurel Tree, Queen Anne, Samaria, Restored Rosewood, and many others. The following line of furniture includes: Bedrooms and Living Rooms, Chests and bedrooms, Dining rooms, Audio and Visual, Fireplaces, Heating and Air Conditioning, Kitchen cabinets, Mirrors, Nooks and Tonneau Covers, Platform Storage, Pedestal Storage, Picnic tables, Refrigerators, Radiators, Shelves, Sinks, Under couches, Under stairs, Walk in Wards, and more. In addition, there are also a variety of antiques lamps, candle holders, coffee tables, end tables, and vases. Other popular flooring products found at Home Emporium include: Balloons, Fountains, Jewelry, Plaques, Porch Swings, Rocking Stairs, and more.


If you want quality and a solid selection, be sure to visit Home Emporium. You can find all of your flooring needs, plus much more. It’s the best place to find all of your home improvement products. You can shop twenty-four hours a day. If you need help deciding on flooring, visit the store. The professionals there can help you make the right choice.

Home Improvement Ideas at Home Emporium


Home Emporium is a retail fixture for flooring, rugs and accessories. This outlet for beauty supplies and furniture is located at corner of Commercial Street and Third Avenue in Miami. You will find several flooring stores within the premises but if you are looking for the best selection, we recommend visiting Home Emporium. This is one of the few retail stores that offer modern flooring options with a wide range of color choices and quality selections. If you prefer contemporary or modern flooring, we suggest visiting Home Emporium as they offer flooring products like bamboo floor, hardwood flooring, linoleum, bamboo flooring, marble, and engineered floors.


Home Emporium has several modern flooring ideas including floor planters, floor maps, flooring charts, and detailed floor design drawings. You can browse through modern floor plans and floor maps to get an idea about the floor design ideas you want to create in your home. If you are not sure about how to design your home, you can always take a floor design sketch to Home Emporium so they can help you visualize the floor layout and how it will look once it is finished. If you visit Home Emporium, you can also see interior design pictures that show the flow of space and different elements of decoration. You can browse through these interior design pictures and identify elements that are important in designing your home.


A flooring store is not just about floor coverings, you can also find home decors and decorative items that can transform the whole look of your home. You can check out decorative items such as lamps, chandeliers, rugs, paintings and wall art. You can also find amazing flooring displays, from laminated flooring to hardwood flooring. If you are still unsure about what type of flooring you need or what kind of flooring design would be best suited for your home, you can take home floor design sketches to give you ideas.

Home Emporium is one of those places that most people have heard of, but few actually go to. The reason for this is that so many people don’t actually know what all of the hype is about. The Home Emporium isn’t a big name because most of the hype revolves around kitchen and bathroom design, but there are actually so much more to Home Emporium than just these two design areas. For example, there is a TV commercial where a girl is walking through the store selling little shoes to people, but she stops to look at the beautiful flooring she has just purchased. It takes some time to actually look at the beautiful floor and realize that the Home Emporium was the first place she looked.


Another great thing about Home Emporium is the fact that they actually carry some really beautiful flooring ideas. They actually have a section dedicated to flooring ideas including everything from bamboo floor to exotic hardwood flooring. You will even find sectionals that are made in the shape of cars or boats and come in five different pieces that allow you to have the flooring of your dreams. Some flooring ideas at Home Emporium include, laminated hardwood flooring, vinyl plank flooring, solid rubber flooring, bamboo laminate flooring, and beautiful natural stone flooring.


The one aspect of Home Emporium that many people enjoy is the fact that they offer free shipping when you spend over $100. This means that you can get amazing flooring without having to spend a lot of money on shipping. There are a couple of other things that this store has going for it as well including free floor care instructions, floor measuring supplies, a lifetime warranty on their products, and customer service that is top notch. In addition, if you ever decide to expand your Home Emporium purchase, you will never have to worry about finding a new home improvement contractor again!