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e funeral for deceased senior citizen of Toney is set to be held on Tuesday at 1 PM at Hazel Green Funeral Home in honor of beloved mother of six, Kathy Green. Ms. Green, who served as a beloved mother, wife and grandmother was beloved by her family, friends and associates. Her significant contributions to her family, friends, church and community were recognized during her service. Interment will follow in the newly erected cemetery located in Hazel Green, Alabama.


Funeral services for Kathy Green, age 59 of Toney is scheduled to be held Tuesday at 1 PM at Hazel Green Funeral Home in honor of beloved mother of six, Kathy Green. Ms. Green served as a cherished member of her family, friends and associates. Her significant contributions to her family, friends, church and community were acknowledged during her service. Interment will follow at the newly erected cemetery located in Hazel Green, Alabama.


As per the latest reports, the body of deceased senior citizen of Toney was conveyed in the Christ Memorial Medical Center in Birmingham by means of end-of-life procedures at approximately 1 PM on Tuesday. The family and friends of Ms. Green had requested for an open casket funeral at that time. Her last request before she passed away was for in-home viewing, a request that has been fulfilled by the funeral home. The family and friends of Toney Green are left with wonderful memories of the wonderful woman who had a tremendous impact on their lives, on the families and on the communities, while she shared wonderful memories, enriched their homes and on the lives of others.

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Hazel Green Funeral Home


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A few well known interior design ideas include: Hazel Green Funeral Home, Traditional Burial, Diamond Brand Livingroom, or Classic House Ideas for the Deceased. Approximately estimated cost for a typical Burial with a viewing, embalming, and Traditional Service listed above. Some families prefer a complete memorial service with an open casket at the funeral home. To help families make funeral home decorating decisions, consultants offer “Funeral Home Decorating at Your Fingertips” seminars. Please contact the funeral home for an average price quote and/or details on available services prior to making final purchase decisions on any type of home decoration.


One family experienced how easy it was to transform their home into a warm and comforting sanctuary complete with custom built in furnishings, flooring, lighting, and beautiful home decorating. After providing the deceased’s family with many years of support, they decided to provide their home to a special someone in their community who had been struggling with addiction. The family chose an elegant funeral home complete with high end cabinets, handcrafted wood art, and marble pillars for the lobby. The interior design ideas incorporated both modern and contemporary elements to provide a warm welcome to their loved one. Following the service, attendees were surprised to see a large, lush garden filled with wonderful flowers, perfect for an outdoor memorial service.