eyebrow design

Eyebrow design is one of the most popular services offered at The Modern Design Institute. This service, when perfected, can truly bring out the beauty in you. The following products have been offered for eyebrow design for quite some time, and at the beauty ourselves at the modern Design Institute ourselves, we pride ourselves in knowing how to perfectly customize these products to your own unique brow shape and face features so that you have the most beautiful eyebrows and beautiful smile to compliment all of your other facial features!

First, we offer a number of eyebrow shaping and eyebrow design kits. These kits come with everything you need to change the shape and color of your eyebrows to exactly match your eyebrows. This includes colored pencils, colored lashes, colored eye shadow, and an eyebrow mold kit. You will also receive an instructional video with tips on applying these products the right way.


Next, we offer the eyebrow waxing method. When you visit us for eyebrow design at the Modern Design Institute, you will see how this method of eyebrow waxing can really bring out the natural beauty in your eyebrows. This method of eyebrow waxing uses cold wax to pluck out your eyebrows, which is then shaped using an eyebrow waxing machine. After this process, the esthetician will put a small amount of filler into your eyebrow, so that it looks natural and you will have brow hairs that stand up instead of just sitting down. Your esthetician will also give you instructions on when to apply the filler, which you should follow for best results. The entire procedure usually takes less than one hour to perform.

Beautiful Decoration ideas Using Eyebrow Shape


Eyebrow shaping and color are the two most important steps in eyebrow design. If done correctly, you will be able to change your eyebrow shape permanently with a visit to an esthetician who can customize the design. An esthetician can reshape the eyebrow by creating a more symmetrical shape or removing hairs and/or wax. There are also ways to temporarily shape eyebrows. These methods include waxing, threading, eyebrow plucking and lifting.


A beautiful set of eyebrows that match the natural shape of your face is the ultimate goal when choosing eyebrow design. If you have a naturally thinner face, you may want to create a more slender eyebrow shape. For people who have a more round face, an obvious difference in shape would make them look like an hourglass. The ideal shape for someone with this type of face shape is an oval. There are several other eyebrows that can help you achieve the shape you want.


The use of waxing, plucking, eyebrow threading and eyebrow lifting are all ways of temporarily altering eyebrow shape. You can achieve the same result using the temporary tools, but the difference is that you will have to do them more often which means more money is spent. If you choose permanent eyebrow design, you will also have to spend more time maintaining the new shape because of the need to constantly keep your new shape in shape.