Exterior Parging – An Interior design Idea


The concept of exterior parging is simple and beautiful. It’s a type of decorative paint that is applied to masonry walls. It can give a home a Mediterranean or French Chateau look. Although the technique is often overlooked, the right mason can turn the project into a work of art. The resulting finish can be highly textured or smooth, depending on the application technique and the type of material used. The first coat of parging should dry thoroughly before a second one is applied.


When it comes to choosing a paint colour, blue-gray is the most popular choice. However, other colours are also popular, such as red. Blue-gray is also a very calming color, and has become more popular in the past decade. Different colours can be achieved by blending two or more tones to create a warm, inviting look. Besides blue-gray, there are other pigments available to change the colour of siding.


Parging material is an adhesive that can be used on exterior walls. It can be applied to brick, wire mesh, and concrete foundations. It can be used on any surface, such as columns or foundations. This type of coating is a thin layer, and requires only a half-inch of material. A single coat of parging will cover about 130 square feet. Despite its name, this process is not waterproof. Badly installed parging can cause your concrete to spall and get damaged.


Parging is a cost-effective alternative to repointing and is a durable and attractive way to improve the appearance of masonry walls. Applied to the visible part of masonry foundation walls, parging will cover any imperfections in the surface. It will also hide any forms marks left by the formwork. It has a decorative role as well. If you have a parging job, it will be more beautiful and more attractive.


Exterior parging is a low-cost alternative to repointing masonry walls. This material creates air-tightness and structural cohesiveness. It’s also a good option for apartment buildings. It’s an ideal choice for apartments and is a popular choice for a variety of reasons. There’s no need to repaint your home in order to parge it. It’s simply a great way to improve the appearance of your home.


Aside from ensuring that the exterior of a home looks as good as possible, you should also take the time to consider the materials used for exterior parging. You can apply a thick layer of parging to a foundation wall to protect it from inclement weather. If you’re building an extension to an existing House, you should use a high-quality masonry mortar, which will also protect it from the effects of UV rays.


The process of exterior parging involves applying a thin layer of mortar to vertical concrete walls. This mortar should fill surface voids, fissures, and small holes in the concrete. Cracked parging is rarely a major cause of problems with a foundation, but it should be repaired immediately to prevent foundation problems down the road. If you plan on painting multiple walls, use an electric cement mixer. This will produce a smoother finish, and will make it easier to spread.