Earth Decoration Review – Creating Beautiful floors With modern Flooring

Founded in 2011, Earth Interior is a full-service Singapore decoration firm. Its team is composed of certified professionals who are committed to meeting customer needs. The company has won numerous awards for its outstanding decoration projects and is a preferred designer of Nippon Paint. The Asia Pacific Brand Award and Top Model and Build Awards are some of its other accolades. The firm’s reputation is built on its ability to provide outstanding value to customers and to create beautiful environments for both private and corporate clients.

Earth Decoration Review


Earth Decoration is a full-service design firm in Singapore. They have certified experts and have won several awards. The company focuses on customer satisfaction, and they have won multiple awards. Their team of designers is well-trained and experienced, and they have won the Nippon Paint Preferred Designers award, the Singapore Quality Brand Award, the Asia Pacific Brand Award, and the Top Designs and Build Awards. However, there are some things to watch out for, and you should make sure to read our full review to find out whether this design studio is worth your trust.