Duration exterior acrylic latex

SuperPaint(r) Exterior Acrylic Latex is a high performance, high-gloss paint designed for exterior application. It is fast-drying, resists fading, peeling, and provides superior adhesion. This product is self-priming on most surfaces, but it is important to prime any surface that has a pH higher than 9. You can use standard latex primer on masonry surfaces, but it will not last as long.

While both products have similar features, there are differences between them. Emerald was released in 2012 and immediately competed with Duration. It was quickly positioned as the top of the line exterior product, and Sherwin William relaunched it with Rain Refresh, a new supercharged version. The brand also offers several self-priming, water-based products. It is available in flat, satin, and gloss finishes.

Duration Exterior Acrylic Latex is a self-priming coating, which means that it will not soak into wood or other surfaces. The glossy finish is highly durable and will shed dirt and grime. One coat is enough for repainting. Two coats are necessary for new projects. The product is suitable for most types of trim and siding. It is also washable and touch-up-friendly. And because it is non-toxic, it’s environmentally friendly.

In addition to being low-VOC, Duration Exterior Acrylic Latex also has a wide range of color options. It can be applied in as little as 35 degrees Fahrenheit, and is durable. A gallon can cover up to 300 square feet. The brand’s high-quality finishes come with warranties and a ten-year guarantee. However, the timetable for completing a paint job depends on the weather in your area.

The best exterior acrylic latex paint is Sherwin Williams Duration. It features PermaLast(r) technology and acrylic co-polymers that resist cracking and peeling. It doesn’t fade easily under the sun. If you’re painting a home, don’t forget to use a primer before applying the paint. It will protect the wood from the harmful effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

The Sherwin Williams Duration Exterior Acrylic Latex paint is self-priming and offers superior durability. A quality exterior acrylic latex paint is mildew resistant, and self-priming. It is recommended for high traffic areas and will last for years. It will not yellow, peel, or deteriorate. And it’s also eco-friendly. It is mildew-resistant. It has a self-priming formula and is ideal for exterior applications on metal and wooden surfaces.

Another advantage of this paint is its great washability profile. This paint dries fast, making it ideal for exterior projects. This type of paint is also available in flat, satin, and gloss sheens. Its film is thicker and softer than Emerald, and dries in twenty minutes. Unlike its predecessor, Duration is washable, so you don’t need to worry about its staining or peeling.