How to Make the Most of Dormer bathroom ideas

You don’t necessarily need a brand new bathroom to make the most of a dormer, but you do need to give it some thought. Fortunately, there are many dormer bathroom ideas you can use to create more space. A dormer window can be a great way to achieve the look you want without tearing apart the entire home. You can even install a laundry hamper in a dormer to keep it out of the way and out of sight. You can also choose a decorative hamper made of wood or wicker with a lid to store your clothes. A decorative hamper will look great in the dormer, and will be useful for keeping your bathroom clean and organized. To keep it stylish, select a decorative hamper with a lid.

This ultramodern attic bathroom is designed by Heather A. Wilson. The white walls draw the eye to sharp angles, while the subway tile half walls add beauty and waterproofing function. A contemporary drop-in bathtub is surrounded by a large window for plenty of natural light. If you’re more nostalgic, you can install a claw-foot bathtub. The claw-foot tub adds an old-world ambiance to the space, while beadboard half walls and penny tiled floors give the room a quaint, cozy feel.

This attic bathroom by Royal Roulette features a stylish dormer window and a sloped ceiling that separates the vanity area from the bathing area. The wooden floor is a nice touch to give visual warmth to the white space. Another bathroom by Threshold Interiors utilizes vertical shiplap boards to cover the walls. A stylish trough sink is installed in the center of the room, along with a nautical rope hung mirror.

For a truly unique look, try a walk-in shower. A walk-in shower gives a spacious feel in a small attic. Ask your bathroom supplier which style is best for your space. The Concept Space range by Ideal Standard features tapered baths, short-projection toilets, and corner basins. A retro-style console sink and a large shower add charm and functionality to this space. The sink is hidden beneath a large wire basket to keep fresh towels handy.

In addition to the traditional bathtub, the dormer ceiling is an excellent way to enhance your space. This room features a gray marble shower with adjustable shower head and a marble bathtub topper. The floor is also tiled with marble, while the attic’s two bathroom windows provide an additional view of the roof. The dormer bathroom is a great way to transform a dormer into a beautiful and functional space.

You can add original features to an attic bathroom. An attic’s sloping ceiling and exposed eaves can make the room look beautiful. You can also add your own touches to create a custom space. Consider turning an attic into a chic, vintage bathroom, or a rustic cottage-style room. You’ll have a wide range of design options when it comes to your dormer.