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The Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom has been a local crowd drawer since it opened in the summer of 2021. During this period it serves as the biggest live music venue in the New England area, with well over one million visitors every year. Although this casual beach front bar is not exactly high class, nor does it have the flashiness of other such locales like the Ritz Carlton or the Standard Hotel and Casino, but it certainly has its charm. The interior design ideas that can be incorporated into a casino ballroom interior are nearly endless. Here we will take a look at some of the modern house swimming pool ideas as well as some of the more rustic, beach front casino furniture ideas.

The Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom has always been a top ranked summer destination for tourists looking to enjoy some down-time from a frantic schedule. There are always several events happening on the strip, along with local entertainment such as fire pits, live bands, food festivals, wine tasting, shopping, and an annual family affair known as “Spoon feeding”. There are always five star rated shows on the main stage as well as late night menus served by world class chefs and signature cocktails. As a result, the interior design ideas available for this venue casino ballroom should appeal to anyone looking for a relaxed, comfortable place to take in the finer things of life.


While the original design of the casino ballroom was inspired by the roaring twenties, it has now expanded to include much more of a beach house feel. A more recent addition to the interior interior design is the use of shabby chic, particularly in the bathrooms and woodwork throughout the home. This allows the entire home to feel warm and comfortable with Mediterranean ambiance and overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. If you are looking for a unique home oasis to bring the whole family together, the seacoast is the perfect choice for this purpose.

Relax on the Turquoise Waves of the Humpbacks in the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom


The Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom has long been a favorite location for local events, weddings, concerts and corporate events in New Hampshire and across the country. The club has hosted some of the country’s top musicians, including Jack White, Rush Limbaugh and Neil Young. Now the club presents exclusive home entertainment shows every Tuesday night from selected local and international acts.


Much of the attraction of the casino ballroom stems from its location on the peaceful boardwalk at the southern end of the New Hampshire seacoast. Surrounded by tranquil ocean and picturesque rocky cliffs, this New England seaside resort community offers breathtaking views of the nearby ocean. The Club Seacoast has hosted some of the country’s best comedians and music acts, including the Jack White Band, Neil Young and others. The Club has long since been known as a great setting for special events and home celebrations. During the winter, the Seacoast offers an annual free event featuring live music performances by local teens, families and musicians. The Club’s “Seacoast Trance” concert series is popular with local High Schools as well.


Homeowners lucky enough to have access to the Club’s waterfront access will find themselves drawn to its expansive relaxing outdoor living area. Seating options include VIP recliners and horseshoes. The spacious covered terrace offers sweeping panoramas of the coastline and ocean. For even more ocean view, visitors can take a boat tour from the Comfort Station at the docks. modern house furniture ideas for the casino ballroom can be found online at Bed Barn Furniture, Atlantic Living, Argosy’s and Bennington.