buddha bar interior design

The Buddha bar in New York is a two-story restaurant in the TRIBECA district of Manhattan. The design is inspired by Asian culture and the concept of rebirth. The concept of rebirth was the driving theme of the project. The rebirth of materials and space was one way the firm was able to convey this idea. The design began with the original Buddha-Bar in Paris, France, which opened in 1996.

The decoration of a Buddha-Bar restaurant embodies the philosophy of the restaurant. Inspired by the natural elements, the design of the bar has a futuristic feel, while remaining true to the original concept. The tall glass buddha, which is 15 feet high, is a stunning centerpiece in the restaurant’s most expansive hall. It is made of nearly a thousand flat elements and has a frosted texture that prevents light from penetrating its surfaces. This unique sculpture is valued at $1 million.