BMW Interior Lights – A modern design Idea

BMW cars have been known for their luxurious and sophisticated interiors that glow red or orange at night. LED map lights provide perfect illumination for both brake and gas pedals. The bulbs themselves are of xenon white color, which provides a cleaner and more vibrant light. The BMW LED map light can be installed at the factory or purchased from a professional. For more information, visit the FCP Euro website. You can also call their helpline for advice.

The color red is ideal for night vision, but does not provide clarity for fine details. BMW has opted for a longer wavelength, orange, instead, which has a wavelength of 605 nanometers. The red hue is used in other industries, including instrument panels in aircraft, ships, submarines, and military tactical flashlights. It is also used for map reading at night. So, you can see, BMW does make a smart decision with this feature.


The car’s interior lights come in different colors. While red is the best color for night vision, it is not the best for discerning fine details. So, BMW made a compromise by using orange interior lights, which have a wavelength of 605 nanometers. In addition to the BMW dashboard, the interior lights are also available in different colors. For instance, you can buy LED dome lights for your BMW X5. You can easily find them on the FCP Euro website.


While the interior lighting of your car is the last thing you want to mess with, it is a very important part of the car. If you need to put on a seat belt or find something that has fallen out of the glove compartment, you can rely on the lights to guide you. A mechanic will have the special knowledge to troubleshoot the issue and fix it properly. There is no reason why you should not have a reliable and safe lighting system in your BMW.


The interior lights of your BMW can be very helpful for your safety and comfort. The lights will illuminate the map and help you see in the dark. Besides, they will make your cabin appear more spacious and beautiful. Therefore, it is important to replace these interior lights if you find it difficult to see clearly in the dark. It is a relatively simple task. In fact, it will only take a few minutes and cost you very little.


If you’re not sure what to do with the bulbs in your BMW, you can ask a professional mechanic. The mechanic will have the proper tools and knowledge to repair the lighting system of your car. YourMechanic can replace the bulbs in your BMW and save you money. Just make sure to replace the bulb when it breaks or your car’s interior lights might go out of order. If it’s not possible, call a mechanic for assistance.