Audi Locus Decorationings

The audi locus concept is a concept car from the company. It has a sporty look with a sleek design. The car features a design language inspired by nature, with flowing curves and an organic shape. As an interior, it features carbon matte inlays and numbered gearshift knobs. The car is a hybrid, with a manual transmission. It was designed by Turkish designer Ugur Can.

Audi’s new concept car the Locus is a sporty coupe that takes its design cues from organic design language. The exterior features flowing curves, headlights and air intakes in the shape of a greenHouse. The interior uses recycled materials for the interior trim, including the steering wheel with integrated Android. The front end is highly detailed and has a numbered gearshift knob. It features a unique cockpit, with integrated seats, a panoramic glass roof, and even a steering wheel that turns as you turn it.