African Lodge design ideas

There are a wide range of African lodge design ideas. Inspired by the rich wildlife of the African continent, you can create a safari-style home with bold colors and solid, imported furnishings. Or, go wacky and use bright elements to introduce an extra touch of magic. Whatever the inspiration, there are some basic guidelines for creating the perfect African-style retreat. Here are some examples. To get started, start by deciding what your budget is, and then decide on a style and materials to incorporate.

The most obvious characteristics of an African-style lodge are the color scheme, which draws inspiration from the African landscape. The materials used are usually indigenous to Africa, and the interiors are often opened to the outdoors. You may also relegate certain room elements to the outdoors. This style unites a range of intriguing attributes. Here are a few ideas to get you started. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these African lodge design ideas.


Lighting: The interior of an African lodge is often dim and well-lit. This design is inspired by the thorns of the Acacia tree. The rugs are usually either woven from cowhide or zebra skin. Depending on the type of wood you choose, you may want to opt for a single large zebra skin rug or a collection of smaller, multi-piece pieces stitched together. You can also consider a woven mat, which is made of jute or sisal. These are a great choice for a safari lodge and are incredibly soft underfoot.


The elephant motif is a classic part of safari style. Elephants are a symbol of the savannah, so an elephant motif would be a natural choice for your lodge. The African continent has an abundance of animal life, and the presence of an equine is a definite must for any safari. However, you can use more subtle touches in your interior design, such as cushions or rugs.


Another great example of an African safari lodge is ARRCC, a leading interior architecture and design studio in South Africa. They recently designed the first luxury safari lodge, Cheetah Plains, in the Kruger National Park, and have reinvented traditional safari-style architecture. They combined modern and traditional materials in an elegant, minimalist style. These designs are a great example of a fusion of old and new.


ARRCC has collaborated with local craftsmen in the region to create a safari-style lodge. The tabletops, benches, and chairs were crafted from a single sheet of leadwood. The bars were carved from a block of Travertine. The artwork found in the lodges is typically from South Africa. There is a symbiotic relationship between animals and their environments. This is also true of African lodges.