Beautiful Decoration ideas For Your Porsche 997 Interior

The interior of a Porsche 997 is similar to that of the nineties. The 911s are the most popular models of the Porsche line. The 996 and 997 are more akin to the original designs than the newer ones. While the 996T interior is closer to the old design, it was also a big departure from the traditional design. The 997TT has similar elements to the interior of a 993 or 964.

The Porsche 997 interior has many different options and is quite luxurious. The standard specification features leather upholstery, electric seat adjustment, and four airbags. Customers could upgrade to the sunroof and satellite navigation, which cost PS864 and PS1,260, respectively. Other options may be more expensive, depending on the owner’s tastes. Some of these upgrades are straightforward, while others are complex. You should always keep a checklist for any improvements you want to make.