996 interior

The Porsche 911 996 interior is one of the most striking features of the car. designed by Ferdinand Porsche, the car shares its platform with previous generations. The seats are made of leather and are available in a range of colors, with a number of options to select from. While the 996 looks more modern than its predecessors, the original model still has plenty of old school appeal, thanks to its retro styling. However, the interior of the car may not be as comfortable as its successor.

The Porsche 911 interior is elegant, functional and ergonomic in design. It is much more stylish than the Porsche 996 interior, which is less appealing because of its buttons. But, the Porsche interior is tougher and well-made. The seats are much more durable than those on the 997. The dashboard trim strips are also much more beautiful than the standard parts. If you’re looking for an authentic and distinctive 996 look, you can purchase aftermarket carbon fiber parts.