Flooringings For 2007 Chevy Silverado Interior Lights

Many Chevrolet Silverado owners are reporting that their interior lights are not turning off after closing the doors. This may be due to some newer models that fail to close doors completely. In such cases, the light might be intermittent or not come on at all. Fortunately, this is a simple fix that only requires a few tools and minimal knowledge. This guide will show you how to fix this problem yourself.

There are a number of reasons why 2007 Chevy Silverado interior lights may not be working properly. One of the most common reasons is a fried BCM, or base control module. This is due to power being fed back to the BCM from a short somewhere between the rear dome light and the air temperature sensor. Many owners report spending at least $700 to fix this issue, and are now left with a dead vehicle. The only way to fix this problem is to take the car into a repair shop.