2001 Denali Decorationings

The 2001 Denali is the upscale version of the Yukon and one of the most luxurious SUVs in the world. The interior was designed with a high-class look in mind, with touches of aftermarket chrome accents enhancing its appearance. The front doors were also accented with zebrano woodgrain trim, and the center console featured unique stitching referring to the vehicle’s status as a “Yukon Denali.”

2001 Denali Interior – Rich and Luxurious


The 2001 Denali’s interior is rich and luxurious. Its upscale model and luxurious appointments make it stand out from its peers. In the front, the leather-trimmed steering wheel, heated seats, and power accessories add a luxurious touch. At the back, the deluxe seating area offers more legroom than the standard model. The seats in the back row feature a fold-down bench seat. The center console is decorated with Zebrano woodgrain accents, and the front doors feature unique stitching.