1998 Dodge Ram Custom Interior – Wonderful Interior ideas

Jason Matthew Woodall is a Texas-based truck enthusiast who loves to show off his custom Dodge Ram. He bought his truck for $19,700 in June 1998 and has been busy with extensive modifications for the past two years. The owner of Air Suspension by Ekstensive is a frequent customer. He contacted us to get our advice and help with the modifications. The finished product looks great! Here is a look at some of our favorite details.

If you want a unique decoration for your 1998 Dodge Ram, you can look no further than Factory Chrysler Parts. You’ll find a massive selection of 1998 Ram truck interior parts and accessories. From sticker bomb to custom center consoles, Factory Chrysler Parts has you covered. Whether you’re looking for a new dash panel, or a whole new look, they’ve got you covered. The following is a quick list of highlights.

After completing the exterior of his Ram, Jason turned to two other shops to complete the custom interior. The first stop was Madd Concepts, where the stock cab was transformed into a work of art. The dashboard was painted bright red with black leather trim and tweed accents. The bucket seats from a Dodge pickup truck were replaced with new ones made from a rich black leather. A tweed headliner with raised flame patterns was installed above the dash, and the entire cabin was covered with this new material.