1988 ford exp interior

The 1988 Ford EXP is one of the most iconic cars in American auto history. It was designed in response to the success of the Mustang. Unlike the Escort, it was a two-door coupe with a notch in the trunk. It had an oversized steering wheel and an aggressive stance. Its rear seats were removable for easier access to the cargo area. Inside, the Ford EXP was a joy to drive.

The redesigned interior of the 1988 Ford Expanse reflects its new, more youthful look. A sunroof accompanied the hood’s sleek lines and is removable. The steering wheel and shifter have been modernized from the previous EXP to make them easier to grasp. There are also new, federally mandated 3rd brake lights. The overall look and feel of the car is clean and sporty, just like the original.