1980 porsche 928 interior

A classic Porsche is a dream car, and the 1980 Porsche 928 is no exception. This sports car was originally built for the German market, but was imported into the United States by a private owner in 1985. It features a black leather interior and is available with the Competition Group package that adds a sunroof and front spoiler. The exterior is finished in Oak Green, and the interior is black.

The Porsche 928 was a sports car that first hit the US market in 1978. The model was a big step up from the previous 911, which had a four-cylinder flat engine and rear-mounted engine. This vehicle used a large water-cooled V8 engine and was rated at 219 horsepower for the North American market, and 240 PS for other markets. In 1980, Porsche upgraded the 928’s engine to use electronic fuel injection, but the power remained unchanged. Despite not selling as many as Fuhrmann wanted, the 928 still maintained a loyal following and produced over eighteen thousand examples.