1976 Ford Pinto Interior – More endorsing Decoration ideas

A 1976 Ford Pinto was not without controversy. In 1979, the car was used in a criminal trial. Indiana authorities accused the car of reckless homicide. The lawsuit was settled and a judge ruled that Ford had no liability for the accident. In response to the lawsuits, the company agreed to make a few changes to the interior of Pintos. But the car was still considered unsafe by many. Here are some important safety tips:

The 1976 Ford Pinto was the first subcompact Ford model. It was produced between 1970 and 1978 and was known as the “Firetrap” because of its unsafe fuel tank. As a result, it was the first car to be charged with reckless homicide and the first to have a fireproof fuel tank. As a result of the investigation, the car received a high safety rating. In its interior, the Pinto was simple, comfortable, and spacious. The padded seats in the front sat over the driver’s seat and had a vinyl seat cushion.