1972 Chrysler Newport Interior – Beautiful flooringings

The Chrysler Newport was a full-size C-body car that was based on the Chrysler R platform. It dropped the sweeping “fuselage” styling that was present in the 1964 Imperial. The wheelbase of the new car increased by 51 mm, and the sedan was a little heavier than its predecessor. However, the design was still very attractive and comfortable. In addition, the seats were comfy and supportive. The standard seats came with cloth-and-vinyl bench seats, but there was also a choice of all-vinyl bench seats.

The 1972 Chrysler Newport was an all-new model that was based on the R platform, which had been introduced in 1962. The restyled Newport’s exterior lost the sweeping “fuselage” styling in favor of slab-sided styling. The new model also had an incredibly heavy curb weight and was heavily affected by the OPEC oil embargo of 1973. This hit Chrysler Corporation particularly hard, but the car was still a desirable option.