1964 Ford Econoline flooringings

The interior of a 1964 Ford Econoline is a unique and fascinating place to start your journey. The first Ford van debuted in the fall of 1960 as the new Falcon. The interior featured a flat nose, a large trunk, and an engine located between the front seats. The vehicle was a great choice for businessmen, who wanted to save money while still being able to drive a comfortable vehicle.

1964 Ford Econoline Interior and Flooringings


The original Econoline was introduced as a 1961 model and was unique in many ways. This small truck had a unique and efficient design that combined a compact frame with a gas-saving six-cylinder engine. The early model was powered by a 144-cubic-inch (CID) four-cylinder engine, while the later models had a 240-cubic-inch V-8. The vehicle also had a three-speed manual transmission, although a later model had an optional automatic transmission.