1964 Chevelle flooringings

The 1964 Chevrolet Chevelle was Chevrolet’s only new production car for the year. It was based on the newly designed A-body platform. The main idea of the car was to be a mid-sized sedan with a large V8 engine. The interior colors were black, tan, and red. The paint color codes are also the same for each car in this year’s model line. It’s a good idea to check the tags and compare them to a similar one from the same year.

1964 Chevelle Interior Colors


The first thing you’ll notice about a 1964 Chevelle is that its paint isn’t black. It’s actually white. It has a white interior and a blue exterior. The color of the trim tag will depend on the year the car was built, and the color of the body. Some chevelle’s were painted in a wide range of colors. Here are some of the most common color schemes: